Kate Dunn is a singer songwriter from Glasgow. A recent music honours graduate from the University of Strathclyde, she has always had a passion for music from a very young age. Her love for instruments first began with Sunday afternoons playing the piano with her Grandpa and has now emerged into poetry and a talent as a multi instrumentalist. Kate plays piano, violin, viola, saxophone, guitar, and bass.

Kate recently won the first ever amaSing Marie Tait Songwriting Competition for her debut single Wave to the Sky, and was played on Tom Morton’s “Morton Through Midnight” on Radio Scotland.

For Kate, writing songs is the most natural thing she knows.  Telling stories of loved ones and composing melodies that stay in your head,  inspiration comes from the people in her life and personal experiences that she has been through.

I find it easy to write when I’m feeling an extreme emotion. It can be sheer joy or utter misery, I’ll sit with my piano or guitar and let it all out. It’s my release.

She started penning tunes at the age of 17 and playing them for her friends at house parties. It wasn’t until University that she started to go to open mic nights, after kind words were expressed by fellow musicians in Halls of Residence.

I was so shy when I first started, I could barely look at my friends when I played, let alone a room full of strangers! But with the encouragement of my peers at uni, I started to gain confidence in what I was doing.

At University she formed a band called “Kate Dunn and the Redunndants” (who also went under the name “Kids With Crayons” very briefly) with 5 other multi instrumentalists. Working with other musicians really helped hone her craft into what she does today. They toured around Scotland and got airplay on Jim Gellatly’s Podcast, Aberdeen radiostation Northsound 1 and university radio stations across the country. Kate now gigs as a solo artist.

Along with writing and performing her own music, Kate is a session musician and has played viola for Finding Albert, French Wives and Pronto Mama on various recordings and performances. She also teaches on her various instruments and is a tutor for Horsecross Arts Glee Senior choirs.



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