I got a website!

I’m totes new to this whole blogging thing. I’m pretty satisfied that I managed to make my own website, if I’m perfectly honest. GO ME!

On another note, started recording some tunes. Pretty excited about the whole thing, can’t wait to release them to the wild. Well, not really the wild, that would imply that my tunes are animals, which they are not. “Public” and “Fans” sound a bit pretentious at the moment, considering I have 94 “Fans” on my Facebook page, which predominantly consists of my friends, family, and some random folk who’ve seen me play. So basically, I can’t wait for my pals to here my tunes!

I have a bad habit of waffling, so I’m going to stop now, honestly, I’ll try to write something at least once a week but I’m not gonna lie, it’s probs going to  be rambly and non sensical. Enjoy!Image


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